Using Social Analytics to better understand your buyer

To be successful at marketing today you need a deepening knowledge of your target buyer. The days of spray and pray marketing are numbered, and the good news is that Social Media can give us amazing insights if we learn how to harness it’s data for good. (Well, your good).

Demographic targeting just won’t cut it anymore, we need to know what drives someone’s behaviour online. We need to understand their passions, interests and beliefs and who and what influences them.

In this webinar, Jason, a seasoned Social Analytics user for over 6 years with experience of many paid and free tools, will give you the low down on the more common platforms and their benefits. We’ve also have Sean Harmon from IBM in, and Sean will give us a demonstration of IBM’s newest addition to the Watson family, Watson Analytics for Social Media.

Utilisation of these techniques will help you create marketing that your audience cares about, and show you how to be in the right place and the right time.

What you'll learn:

Overview of the usage models of Social Analytics Platforms
Paid v Free. Is it worth it? What do I get for my money
Live Listening v One-time reporting (what, how and why)
Understanding behavioural cohorts
Deep dive with live demonstration of IBM’s Watson Analytics for Social Media.
Plus a 30-day free trail of Watson Analytics for Social Media.