How To Build A World-Class Sales Organization “Modeling Awesome”

Skills Lab is excited to announce its upcoming webinar on “How To Build A World-Class Sale Organization “Modeling Awesome”. In this webinar Jack Kosakowski will be joined by Rob Jeppsen, CEO & Co-founder Xvoyant.

The world’s leading expert on sales coaching Rob Jeppsen will be giving you his secret formula for building a world-class sales team. Rob has built a billion dollar sales organization and currently keynotes globally along with running his new company Xvoyant.

Have you wondered if you are pulling your weight as a sales leadership? Are you giving your sales team what they need in order to perform at the maximum level? Rob will help you take a good hard look at whether you need to do some self-reflection as a sales leader. Rob will give you actionable strategies that any sales leader can take and implement immediately to end 2017 stronger than you ever have as a sales organization.

What Will I Learn?

*A checklist for self-reflection
*Step-by-step process for “modeling awesome”
*Innovative sales coaching strategies
*Sales coaching KPIs and metrics to grade yourself
*Celebrating incremental wins with your salespeople
*How to motivate without micro-managing